Lifeline Health care Welcomes You,

Lifeline Health Care was Started in 2013, today one of the most leading Pharmaceutical Marketing company in Chennai. Lifeline Health care has its own reputation. Service has been the key word which makes us different from others.

Our strength is Quality Products and Fastest Delivery to the customer. We have products which will cover nearly 85 percent of a Chemists requirement. We serve near 3000 customers including major Corporate Hospitals/Institutions in Chennai.

We have a very strong sales team & backend Team for unintrepted service.

Doctor Testimonials

Adetral 400 from Lifeline Health care is good and getting positive feed back from patients,
Dr.Shanmuga Perumal
Founder - Dr. Sangeetha Health Institution, Chennai
I Used to Prescribe Hepagold tablet from Lifeline Health care, Quality Products.
Dr.Ubal Dhus
Gastrologist - Apollo Hospital, Chennai.

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